Courses For Seniors

Courses For Seniors

Driving is an important skill to possess. For many, it marks their official plunge into adulthood. After all, nothing spells responsibility like operating an automobile on your own.

This journey may begin with your parents generously buying you your own car. It may be as simple as being entrusted with the car keys for a night out with friends. However your driving began, it was surely a memorable moment, surely one that has shaped your youth.

However, life happens and we move farther away from those days and enter a whole new world as we become parents and, later on, grandparents. Despite the differences, though, one thing remains the same: Driving means freedom, self-sufficiency and happiness. Yes, senior citizens are entitled to the right to drive and have the freedom to do so, as long as they are deemed capable and virtually risk-free.

So, what are the simple joys and perks that we experience when we drive through our senior years?

Benefits of Driving as a Senior Citizen

Contrary to what many prejudiced individuals think, seniors, if truly fit and able, are actually safe drivers. Many experts claim that older drivers are more likely to follow safety regulations such as wearing seat belts, following the speed limit, avoiding testing while driving and not driving while intoxicated. Senior citizens also avoid late night driving, stay at home during rush hour, and prefer staying away from highways.

Seniors who also stick to driving are more likely to avoid depression because they are usually the ones who don’t need to stay in nursing homes. After all, driving provides individuals self-sufficiency, a characteristic that boosts self-esteem and overall happiness.

However, many are wary about driving as they age because of safety reasons. Again, this is where a driving class would be of great use, especially when preparing for Ontario’s senior driver’s license renewal