This is FAQ page including answers for very often asked questions related to BDE course, G2, G driving lessons and driver education packages available through our driving school located in Kingston, Ontario.

1. Is Perfect Driving School a certified school?

Yes Perfect Driving School is fully certified. We are a Ministry of Transportation approved a Beginner Driver Education Course Provider. All ministry approved driving schools are listed on the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) website.

2. Are Driving School certificates recognized by the Insurance Industry?

Yes Perfect Driving School is a Ministry approved Driver Education Course Provider and because of this our graduate certificates are honored by the Insurance Industry. Our Driving Schools’ Students who successfully complete the Beginner Driver Education (BDE), these graduates with Driver’s License History may be eligible for an Insurance discount. The quality and service offered by most insurance companies is fairly standard and regulated by law. However, the price in terms of premiums often varies greatly. You are advised to ask Insurance Company for your individual auto insurance price, and notify the insurance company of your BDE course completion by providing with a Driver’s Licence History (DLH) that is proof of successful course completion.

3. Where I can get Insurance Certificate?

Perfect Driving School does not issue paper certificates. We certify students who successfully complete a BDE course online through the Ministry of Transportation Driver Education System. No student will be certified by  Perfect Driving School with an outstanding balance. You can order the certificate online.

4. When can we get started on Beginners Driver Education and how long does it take to complete the program?

Perfect Driving School offers a flexible schedule (including evenings and weekends) to fit students’ needs. You can start a BDE Course online from our Driving School. Minimum requirements for a ministry approved BDE Course is 40 hours which consist of 20 hours online, 10 hours in-vehicle and 10 hours of flexible instruction (Home-Link). The average student takes about 4 – 8 weeks to complete the entire program. It may be faster depending on your schedule and your In-Car instructor availability. We strongly recommend that you don’t rush things.

5. Are the BDE Courses are offered on automatic or manual transmission cars?

Only automatic transmission cars are available to Driving Academy Students.