Full certificate course

It is designed for students who have little or no driving experience and need to complete the Beginners Driver Education (BDE) course. The Driver’s Licence History (DLH) provides proof of successful completion of and graduation from a BDE course and is widely recognized by the insurance industry as proof of course completion. BDE Graduates with a Driver’s Licence History may be eligible for an insurance discount and are eligible to book their G1 exit road test in 8 months instead of 12 months. Please note that in order to get a certificate you need to complete the whole course within six months from the day you register.

Our 4 Days package is designed for students who would like to complete the 20 hours of online in 4 days. It is offered numerous times throughout the year.

Full certificate course

  • Minimum 20 hours with online.
  • Minimum 10 hours in the car
  • 10 hours of home link programming

Key Benefits

  • Learn Defensive Driving Techniques
  • Save 4 months on your G1 road test waiting period
  • Flexible Course allows you to start any time you want

Online training

20 hours of online training is required by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario as a part of the certificate program. These classes are held once a week in the evening from 6 pm to 10 pm. The sessions will cover multiple topics related to driving as outlined in the MTO curriculum for the Beginner Driver Education program. All of our online instructors are licensed. We have multiple locations to serve you and each of our sites have all the amenities necessary to make your online experience a memorable one.

In Car Training

10 hours of in car training is required by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario as part of the certificate program. Students will gain practical experience and skills necessary to be a safe and responsible driver. Students will book the in car lessons with a licensed instructor.